Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dazzling Divas Dames & Damsels...

and their Miss Cellaneous Ms. Adventures

No, not me and my friends. Altho we are! And I'd bet that another dazzling diva, dame or damsel of any sex may be reading this. IT'S ANOTHER BOOK I'm working. Now that I have a venue to communicate, it's evidently impossible so shut me UP! Geminis...mercury... addiction to words...communication...blablablah!

In THIS case, an illustrated book named "Dazzling Divas, Dames, Damsels and their Miss Cellaneous Ms. Adventures." My Company is called MissChievious. In I DO ME WED, I conspire to have myself interviewed by Ms. Quote (See. I told you I'd rather be asked questions rather than just talking about myself. Even if the questioner is an alter ego of meeeeee.) From there it was a proverbial hopskip to each Dazzling Dame getting her own poignant - and often pop-culture-tinged - bio, plus a self portrait. (Ever read "Love, Loss & What I Wore"? Like that...but totally NOT. Just the way she used her illustrations.

I've been meaning for sooooo long to marshall the courage to do a blog that I figured I better get the projects out here first, so that I can then proceed to skewering the Screen Actors Guild Awards and explaining why they are absolutely worthless in terms of real voting decisions. Oh, that's right. I meant to do that later.

Ohh, and then there's my bliss-full and uniquely designed new married life. I must get to that electronically. IT'S HARD WORKING YOUR WAY BACKWARDS. How do people write their memoirs and recreate it ALL. I'm thinking "Angela's Ashes." I'm having trouble working backwards 8 months. Good thing I'm right-brained, vaguely NON-linear, and good at forgiving myself. As in "I forgive myself for judging myself as......... ."

So, this was just to introduce my 150 DAMSELS. Above is the book cover, featuring Ms. Behavin' ...and Ms. Ery! (both of whom have very interesting stories!) Forgive me for not sharing their stories, but I keep getting advice from agents and such not to give away too much. Which is challenging since I've always believed in transparency. spite of being a New Yorker and then moving to Hollywood, the "don't-pitch-it-if-you-can't-afford-to-lose-it capital of the worrrrrrrld.

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